We are the movement for tax revolt of the middle classes. A broad tax base and reasonable tax rates help to spread welfare as evenly as possible. The middle class finance in practice the welfare state. Labour market developments requires reforms also in the tax system. Small business owners and self-employed deserve real chances of success. Tax loopholes must be closed in order to prevent that Finland’s shared wealth drifts to tax havens. Our only interest group is the Finnish nation. We are working for the country – its people, know-how, and culture.

Security is a fundamental right. Army conscription together with the defence of the whole country constitute the foundation of Finland’s security. Common threats must be confronted before they become larger. One of Finland’s greatest strength is the high trust on civil service. Blue Reform will help maintain this trust.

Combating social exclusion is effective security policy. Blue Reform wants to make sure that social security policies are up to date and that they take into account especially the most vulnerable groups of the society. Bullying and exclusion must be tackled at work, school, and everywhere where they occur. Bullying can be dealt with even with means of legislation.

We are a part of the international community and respect that cooperation. We want to have functioning relations with Europe, the North as well as our neighbouring countries. In our view, EU must be a union for independent states rather than a federation. The borders cannot be shut but they can be secured and controlled.

We look to the future. We are a modern, reform oriented political movement.


Sampo Terho

Jari Lindström, Tiina Elovaara and Tiina Ahva
Vice Chairmen 


Simon Elo
Group Leader

Tiina Elovaara, Ari Jalonen and Lea Mäkipää
Vice Chairmen of the Group


Sampo Terho
Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport

Timo Soini
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Jussi Niinistö
Minister of Defence

Jari Lindström
Minister of Employment

Pirkko Mattila
Minister of Social Affairs and Health


Ari Jalonen
Transport and Communications Committee, Chairman


Simon Elo
The Grand Committee, First Deputy Chairman

Kari Kulmala
Agriculture and Forestry Committee, Vice Chairman


Meri Leppänen
Press Officer
tel. +358 50 574 2139
FI-00102 Parliament of Finland

Maija Karjalainen
Secretary for International Affairs
tel. +358 50 4635942
FI-00102 Parliament of Finland